Raising The Bar: Meet Niharikaa Agarwal.
Niharika Agarwal Instagram Fame. nikarikaaagarwal
Niharika Agarwal Instagram Fame. nikarikaaagarwal

In an industry diluted so much by nepotism, it’s a sign of relief and welcome change that individuals are building their own path. Niharika has been part of that wave for quite a while now. Beyond her sensuous persona and incredible body which strikes the perfect balance between athletic and voluptuous – it’s how she makes everything fall into place. One could use the typical “taking social media by storm/breaking internet” or some other tired, old news website cliche but a better way to describe it is simply hard work, dedication and standing out.

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Away from being a social media sensation, she has starred in the psychological thriller The Unsound (2013) as well as been featured in the music video Bhains Ki Poonch.

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Nikarika Agarwal from The Unsound (2013)

Niharikha Agarwal GifsWhen you’re the first of 2 picks of a new feature presentation of a website it’s clear how strong and memorable of an impact you have made in a very short time. That’s pretty much Niharika Agarwal, an upcoming actress, model, stylist, travel blogger and influencer who has incredible momentum behind her. She’s raising the bar, just like she raises the temperature.

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niharikaaagarwal instagram link mobile
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