Ruma Sharma – Bas Door Na Raha Kar.
Sumit Singh Photography.

Featured Image Copyright: Sumit Singh Photography.

Instagram & television sensation Ruma Sharma’s music video “Bas Door Na Raha Kar” alongside V-Key finally released on music label Qureshi Brothers.

A familiar face on Zee Television as well as numerous advertisements, Ruma is set to make her big screen debut with the regional film Anushka (2018). She’s also set to star in a web series “Woh Wali Picture.” With a large social media following, the actress and model has established herself as a brand.

Plus some assorted pics from her recent photoshoots.

Copyright: Ruma Sharma. Some images are copyright Sumit Singh Photography.

Copyright Ruma Sharma and all attributions or credits are retained within the pics.

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